Grades IX-X

High school students develop an ability to set attainable goals, manage time, stay focused on studies and motivate self.

Grades IX-X

(Grades IX and X will begin from academic year 2017-18)

The learning framework of the Middle Years' Programme is structured to expose the students to a plethora of experiences and opportunities that tap and encourage the development of their latent talents. A host of curricular and co-curricular activities complement the academic learning programme to develop students into confident individuals. Yoga is introduced to the children to de-stress them and to help them cope with the pressures of contemporary life.

NPS Bangalore

Recognizing the need for awareness of current affairs and the constantly changing social, cultural and economic environment, daily perusal of newspapers is promoted through the 'Newspaper-in-Education' (NIE) programme. The school follows the semester system of evaluating. An academic year comprises of two semesters. In every semester, two unit tests and one examination are conducted. Theory, Practicals, Projects and Viva are an inherent part of the continuous evaluation pattern. Students are given the choice of Science, Quiz, Theatre, Literary, Art and Dance clubs, in accordance with their areas of interest.

List of Subjects Offered