Grades VI-VIII

In middle school problem-solving and thinking skills start evolving and children also begin to pay more attention to decision making, organizing ideas, time and things.

Grades VI-VIII

(Grades VII and VIII will begin from academic year 2017-18)

Middle school is a developmental period when young people are absorbed in defining themselves and beginning to explore the world beyond their families. Students investigate new courses, new ideas, new friends, and a new school community. We prepare middle school students for high school by blending traditional content with active, participatory learning, and by encouraging students to move from logical, concrete thinking to abstract reasoning in all areas of study.


The middle school academic program provides:

The faculty fosters students’ academic success with the following offerings:

KEY CONSIDERATIONS : Develop Skills & Attitudes for Life Long Learning Team skills Develop Critical Thinking Effective Communication Express themselves in a range of ways such as oral activities, PowerPoint presentations, essays, debates and practical work.

List of Subjects Offered

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