“NPS Channapatna is a home away from home, which maintains traditional values in a family atmosphere."


NPS Channapatna International Convention Center

NPS Channapatna International Convention Center is a complete and unique convention center that is dedicated to provide a range of versatile spaces with everything you need for a successful event. Our convention center has exceptional facilities - fresh air and fresh ideas with a choice of spacious rooms for teacher training conferences, assemblies, drama and music practices and cultural performances. Having a seating capacity of 1500, the convention center is fully air-conditioned featuring modern audio visual equipment. It is the perfect venue for organizing various institutional and student functions.

Channapatna Library

A GOOD LIBRARY IS PIVOTAL TO THE GROWTH OF AN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION. The School’s library is designed to meet academic and research needs of the students. A knowledge hub, it provides access to various information resources ranging from the latest management books, textbooks and audio-visual material. It’s prompt and effective services are in sync with the changing needs of the academic community which is moving towards the electronic resources such as e-books, e-journals and databases.

NPS Channapatna Sports Facilities

Indeed our school understands importance of each of the above mentioned words. Therefore besides training the students to perfection in academics, they are also offered a variety of sports to indulge in. All variety of indoor and outdoor games are played within the school campus, since all necessary infrastructure including – huge field, basketball courts, badminton courts, have been provided to students, so that they may utilize these to keep themselves fit and energetic throughout the day. Apart from excellent infrastructure, the school also provides all sorts of sports equipment needed to play different sports thus relieving students of an added responsibility of carrying such heavy equipment to school. Besides, our school also organizes various house matches which includes inter school competitions among the 4 houses- in the various sports which helps awaken a spirit of healthy competition among the students. Regular activity periods every week are very efficiently utilized by students to master the various sports and extracurricular activities as well as get a healthy break from never ending academics and liven up their spirits.

NPS Channapatna Cafeteria

Definitely more than your ordinary lunch program! The cafeteria at NPS Chanapatna prides itself on offering a wide range of fresh cuisine from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Our experienced chefs carefully prepare a wholesome and delicious menu for the entire student body. The cafeteria is a student and adult friendly place that serves and sells a wide variety of food, catering to different diets. There is plenty of space to sit enjoying the vista. It is a warm and welcoming place to meet with friends while enjoying a delicious hot drink freshly made by our expert chefs.

NPS Channapatna Labs Facilities

Laboratories are helpful in creating and promoting scientific attitude in pupils. It provides a proper and congenial place for performing experiments and is helpful in developing a sense of cooperation among students. The School has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. All labs are well planned and adequately equipped. In these rooms, scientific atmosphere prevails and creates an interest among students in learning new experiments. It is an ideal place for carrying out demonstration and various scientific activities. The labs are provided with almirahs and a number of drawers for storing instruments. It also has a black board and a sink. The school has one Computer Lab well equipped with the latest computer hardware & software configurations. All the computers are connected to a dedicated server through LAN. Computer education is provided to all the cadets. To generate further interest in computers, the students are encouraged to utilize computer labs in their spare time. In a continuing effort to equip students with proficiency in communication skill, the school has installed Language Lab. The school has been providing various platforms to develop and refine the students' second language efficiency. The installation of the lab has been an important step to provide an opportunity for the students to learn basic phonetics in accordance with the IPA (International Phonetic Association). The lab has provided another dimension to language learning as it makes learning easy and interesting.

Medical Care at NPS Channapatna

Injuries and illness are common occurrences in the school aged population. Increasing enrollments of students with disabilities increases the possibility of true medical emergencies in schools. The school has responsibility for the safety and well-being of students and personnel during the hours of school attendance, on school property, or during school sponsored activities. The aim is to adopt preventive measures to limit the occurrence of injury, policies to define what action will be taken in the event of serious injury, other emergency, or crisis and facilities and supplies to accommodate students with special needs, illness or injury. Two full time health nurses in each building will be the key persons to implement the emergency plan because the nurse is most familiar with the student's health problems and community resources. The nurses are educated in emergency health situations which include basic life support, first aid, use of metered-dose inhalers and nebulizers, and appropriate treatment for any student or staff member experiencing an anaphylactic reaction in school.

Certain procedures in handling emergencies:

A complete emergency medical kit should be kept in the secure location designated for medications in each building. The kits should be readily available to educated staff volunteers. A protocol for updating and monitoring the kit should be established

NPS Channapatna Pastoral Care

In our school, Guidance and Pastoral Care teams are responsible for pupils' wellbeing and they dedicate time, energy and expertise to encouraging and advising pupils. We have our own pastoral care aims that describe how pupils will be supported and nurtured. Broadly speaking, pupils are encouraged to give their best, support one another and grow in confidence. Our Pastoral care addresses the following:

Providing an environment in which pupils feel comfortable, safe and secure in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

Encouraging interaction between pupils in a positive manner

Providing conditions where pupils can develop abilities, skills and talents.

Providing activities that are appropriate for age and stage which encourage each pupil to develop socially and culturally. This support strategy is complemented with various co- and extra-curricular activities, which allow our pastoral care provision to evolve past problem solving to creating and maintaining a supportive environment that encourages and stimulates learning. This corroborates and is aligned with what happens in the classroom, but shakes things up a bit developing pupils' responsibility - for themselves and others.

NPS Channapatna Transport

The school maintains an excellent fleet of comfortable, well maintained buses with trained staff. The main aim is to provide safe, comfortable and efficient service to our children. There is no compromise with the safety aspects and guidelines are strictly adhered to. With a view to keep the parents posted with regard to the movement of buses, GPRS is fitted in the buses and SMS is generated on the mobiles of all parents whose wards avail of the school transport regarding their child’s location, besides departure and arrival from school and respective stops. The child’s safety and comfort are of foremost importance to the School Management Staff.